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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Message                                                                                        The Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Singapore Message
                                                 I am pleased to welcome the launching of the photo book on 10 New Bali, unique                           It has always been my greatest pride to witness the launching of the new 10 beautiful
                                                 destinations and investment opportunities in Indonesia. Inspired by the experience                       tourists and investment destinations, popularly called by President Joko Widodo
                                                 and fame of BALI, these 10 new tourism destinations have been developed as priorities,                   as “10 New Bali”. They represent the President’s commitment to develop the best
                                                 including its infrastructures facilities. They are located across the archipelago from                   quality tourists destination like Bali.
                                                 the islands of Sumatera, Java, Lombok, East Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi and North
                                                 Maluku; namely Lake Toba, Belitung (Tanjung Kelayang), Tanjung Lesung Beach,                             The 10 New Bali picture book presents beautiful colors, natural beauty, cultures,
                                                 Thousand Islands, Borobudur/Prambanan Temples, Mount Bromo, Mandalika                                    stories, and people of 10 new destinations that would attract many people from all
                                                 (Lombok), Komodo National Park, Wakatobi Islands and Morotai Island.                                     over the world to experience.
                                                 President Joko Widodo has officially launched the new initiative at the Indonesia-                       Looking at the book, we may have a first-hand experience of the hilly dry or the lush
                                                 Singapore  Business  Forum in  Singapore during  the celebration of  the 50th                            greenery of savanna, the pockets of thorny green vegetations, the serene lake with
                                                 anniversary of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Singapore.                                     a spectacular view, not to mention the crystal clear waters that surge over corals
                                                                                                                                                          and white or pink sandy beaches along the coast. A natural sanctuary of Komodo
                                                 The efforts to put together these stunningly beautiful pictures, capturing the colors,                   dragon, a unique species only found in Komodo island in its natural habitat, the
                                                 natural beauty and diversity of these destinations are commended and appreciated.                        unicorn rhino of Ujung Kulon, Tanjung Lesung, cassowary birds, Orang Utan and
                                                 These images were captured through the lens of a group of photographers.                                 many more. It is indeed the best that you could find across the archipelago of the
                                                 These images reveals unique stories of each destinations and have also inspired                          Wonderful Indonesia.
                                                 many to come and experience the excitement, rich cultural heritage, culinary, friendly                   Through the glossy book, I sincerely hope that people all around the world will not
                                                 faces, joyous experiences and splendid natural beauty of the places.                                     only  be  aware  of  the  potentials,  but  also  wish  to  experience  for  themselves  the

          Retno LP Marsudi                       As a maritime nation spanning across three different time zones and blessed with                         hidden paradises in Indonesia.                                                               H.E. Ngurah Swajaya
          Minister of Foreign Affairs of         over 17 thousand islands with very unique cultural diversity, Indonesia offers special                   Get ready to visit the WONDERFUL INDONESIA.                                                                Ambassador of
          the Republic of Indonesia              tourism and investment destinations to be as unique as the world’s famous, BALI.                                                                                                                             the Republic of Indonesia
                                                 The 10 destinations are only a few out of hundreds if not thousands of unique                                                                                                                                         to Singapore
                                                 destinations in Indonesia. Supporting infrastructures, such as airports, hotels and
                                                 roads have been developed by the government so as to enable all destinations to
                                                 be ready to welcome visitors and investors.

                                                 Tourism contributes approximately US$28.2 billion to the national GDP in 2017 with
                                                 more than 14.04 million visitors and creating 11.8 million jobs nation-wide. Indonesia
                                                 tourism sector ranked the 4th largest among goods and services export sectors.
                                                 By 2019 the Indonesian government is targeting it’s tourism sector to continue to
                                                 grow with the number of visitors targeted to reach 20 million. Maritime tourism
                                                 such as cruise and yacht is also growing; supported by the development of both
                                                 adequate physical and soft infrastructure.

                                                 I commend and appreciate the initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
                                                 in Singapore to launch this beautiful photo book.

                                                 Special thanks to the all the photographers for their hard work and dedications in
                                                 taking these great images of each and every exotic locations and presenting them
                                                 to the world.
                                                 Finally, I wish you will enjoy the magnificent destinations through these wonderful
                                                 images and make these places your priority destinations for your families and friends.
                                                 See you soon at WONDERFUL INDONESIA.
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